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COVID-19 UPDATE: COVID-19 has caused some delays in some activities related to this case. All of the lawyers, the Special Master and Court personnel continue to work on the case from home and you can continue to contact Plaintiffs’ counsel as usual, but there may be brief delays in their ability to respond. Email is the most efficient way to communicate with Plaintiffs’ counsel. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions tab at the top for additional details on the impact of COVID-19. Please stay safe and practice social distancing.

CERTIFICATION UPDATE: On March 26, 2020, the Court approved an extension of time for class members to be certified through this case. Class members will now have until March 31, 2021 to complete all requirements needed for provisional certification (for class members who first failed the LAST on or before February 13, 2004) or initial certification (for claimants who first failed the LAST on or after February 14, 2004). Please reach out to Plaintiffs’ counsel if you are interested in becoming certified to ensure you know what steps you need to take. NOTE: certification through this case is valid ONLY for teaching at New York City public schools.

Welcome to the website for Gulino v. Board of Education, an employment discrimination case. On this site, claimants can find answers to frequently asked questions and download court rulings and other important documents concerning the case.

Claim forms were mailed to potential claimants in September 2014 and a second mailing was distributed in January 2017 for potential claimants that failed the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test for the first time on or after February 14, 2004. If you have not completed a claim form, want to be a class member, are African American or Latino, and first failed the LAST on or after February 14, 2004, please click here to complete a claim form.

If you have completed a claim form, please click here to log into the claimant portal for updates.