Gulino v. Board of Education Litigation

Welcome to the Gulino v. Board of Education: Employment Discrimination Case Website

Welcome to the website for Gulino v. Board of Education, an employment discrimination case. On this site, claimants can find answers to frequently asked questions and download court rulings and other important documents concerning the case.

BEGINNING NOVEMBER 13, 2023, Plaintiffs’ counsel has moved to a new law firm, called Crowell & Morning. You can now reach Plaintiffs’ counsel by calling and leaving a message at 212-336-4507. If you have questions specifically about pension relief, you can call 212-336-4508.

As of May 31, 2023, the claims administrator, pursuant to a Court order, will no longer accept new claim forms for this class action litigation.

Claims forms were initially mailed out in September 2014 to potential claimants who first failed the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (“LAST”) prior to February 14, 2004, and in January 2017 to potential claimants who first failed the LAST on or after February 14, 2004. The deadlines for submitting claim forms were in 2014 and 2017, respectively. After May 31, 2023, the claims administrator will not accept any new claim forms.

If you have already submitted a claim form and have not heard from Plaintiffs’ counsel recently to discuss your eligibility for damages, please call Rachel Stevens at 212-590-5430 or email her at to get an update on your claim and to be sure that Plaintiffs’ counsel has your current contact information. IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU KEEP PLAINTIFFS’ COUNSEL UPDATED WITH YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION. IF PLAINTIFFS’ COUNSEL IS UNABLE TO REACH YOU, YOUR CLAIM MAY BE NEGATIVELY AFFECTED.